Charity web roundup 14 June 2013

Here’s a quick roundup of what we’ve been reading (and writing) this week:

NonProfit Infographic of the week

Our favourite Infographic this week was one by non profit hub ‘Online Fundraising is the Future’, Andy had some comments about using the info as part of an integrated comms strategy:

“In my experience, the most helpful way to engage with this challenge is to spend time joining the dots. What causes what? This is very linked to the 'why?' question. Lots of people will tell you things  you should be doing, like having a facebook page, or a Google Plus page, or segmented email campaigns. But until you understand why you engage in these activities the chances are you will never feel comfortable in your choices.”

Online Fundraising is the future

Read the full post and check out the infographic >

Your charity website needs more than a ‘go-to geek’

I really liked this post by @jaywilk from ~ Obviously we are going to find it pretty difficult to disagree with that statement being a digital agency for charities but there are some really good points and well made - having a go-to geek is a real bonus but it is worth thinking about how their involvement helps you the most - their opinion and steer could be a lot more useful than their actual hands on involvement...

“I’m going to state the obvious here: Having an online presence is non-negotiable. We all know that embracing the internet is crucial in a world where people are connected 24/7.

“Still, organizations struggle with the web and, in particular, their nonprofit website. In fact, of the 90% of nonprofits that are online, nearly 3/4ths designed their website in-house or use something that’s been donated by a volunteer or public agency.“

Read the post in full here: Your Nonprofit Website Needs More Than a Go-To Geek

Face-to-face fundraising - worth the reputational risk?

This piece in the Guardian came out just this morning:

“Attitudes to fundraising frequently divide both the charitable sector and the public. If it's not the admin costs, it's the fact that fundraisers are paid for the volume of appeals. And nothing quite raises the heckles like face-to-face fundraising (F2F).”

Andy wrote a blog post along the same lines a few months back (Face to face fundraising: right or wrong?) so could not resist popping a comment in - the chugging debate is still very much on so please do drop us a comment if you have an opinion.

‘The Interwebs’ turns one year old

My other blog ‘The Interwebs’ Digital tips and tools for the non profit sector turned one yesterday, I posted earlier this week about why using Disqus for comments on your site is a good idea. We almost always use Disqus for comments on the sites we build - find out why.

The Interwebs by Crispin Read - Digital tips and tools for charities and non profits

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