Charity Digital Roundup 16th August 2013

As usual a great deal going on in the digital world this week ~ here's my top take outs of going digital with your annual reports, more Twitter tips for charities,  and an amazing example of data visualisation in a video.

Digital Annual Reports

Annual reports have a reputation for being a bit dull, with an overload of information and lots of figures. Now the time has come to throw away the paper (by which we mean recycle). Digital annual reports have arrived - check out Mary's post on 4 reasons to switch to digital.

Twitter Tips for Charities

We love Twitter - it's a great tool for charities and that is why we can't stop blogging about it. Latest in our Twitter tips series is a post by me about Twitter lists - why they are important, how you can use them to up your charity's social media pressence, gain more quality followers and combat information overload. Read my post here.

Twitter tips, digital annual reports and a great data visualisation video - The @whitefuse Charity Digital Roundup 

Some other interesting things from around the web:

We are hiring!

Know a web designer or office manager who would like to join our expanding team and help us make a difference? Please pass this on to anyone you think might fit the bill -

And finally…

We have been talking a lot in the office recently about data visualisation, using interactive principles and motion to make data interesting, moving, provoking - this is a great video highlighting the difference between perception of inequality and the actual numbers...

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