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If you are anything like me the world of charity fundraising software (or ‘donor databases’ or ‘CRMs’) is a minefield. There are lots of options but they all claim similar functionality, so how do you choose? Here we've collated all the publicly information about each system along with screenshots to help you make the best decision.
Authorship and author rank are two different concepts that are often misunderstood and misused. Here Crispin explains the difference between the two and why they could be important to your charity website, along with some practical tips on how to reap the benefits. As a writer or charity content producer it is very likely that you tweet, post about, follow and interact with other people talking about and linking to similar content. It's time to let Google know that this is the case.
If you are involved in charity comms you may well feel the unending pressure to do more. Spend more time on social media, write more website content, send more press releases, submit more funding applications, and so on. In this context it can be hard to remember the why. Why do you do these things? What results do you expect?
"Dark Patterns" is a term coined to describe underhand and sneaky tricks used by website designers to get people to do things they don't really want to. They are everywhere. Are nonprofits guilty of using Dark Patterns to drive up donations and should they feel bad about it? Dark Patterns are all over the web. They crop up in your shopping basket, email newsletters, social media accounts and much more. Dark Patterns can go unnoticed, be very frustrating and they're almost always designed to benefit someone other than the user.
There is always more work to do than time to do it - in this post Andy shares his top pick of web apps for charities that will help to increase productivity. These 5 web apps help with collaboration, information managing and sharing, and task management, ensuring that time can be invested where it really matters. Oh, and they're all free!
Microsoft made their Office 365 system available at a highly reduced rate for charities last September, following hot on the heels of Google Apps. In this post Andy looks at what it offers charities, how much it costs, who is eligible, how to register to buy it at the reduced rate, and how it compares to other options.
When you get your key performace indicators right they can give focus and vision to your charity's marketing efforts; you could even come to love them. Here are four steps on how to make this happen, from our Managing Director, Andy. 
At this time of year, with campaigns and festive goodwill in abundance it's more important than ever that your landing pages are as good as they can be. Here's our list of core principles on how to design a good landing page, much of which you will be able to implement without a designer or web agency.  
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