Blog topic: Charity Websites

In the second of two posts on how to better understand the different design disciplines involved in designing a charity website, our Creative Director Owen looks at responsive design, graphic design, illustration, user experience and user interface design.  Featuring quick tips for working with your website designer, this is a great introduction to the world of charity website design.
If commissioning a website is new territory for you then you are likely to be on a bit of a learning curve. You’re not alone, we’re all learning. Having designed lots of websites for charities, we have learned how important it is to understand each other to make progress. In this post our Creative Director Owen shares a few insights about the web design process that will help you get ahead in your communications and get the very best from your partner agency. Covering mood boards, wireframing, and visual concepts, he gives tips on how to best work with your website design team to make sure you get the best results. Stay tuned for Part Two.
Matt has worked on over thirty web projects for charities large and small, and writes here about the four key principles to implement in order to get the most from a new website. We believe that the extent to which these four principles are implemented directly affects the effectiveness of your new website and what you get out of it.  From carefully defining your objectives, appointing a project manager, trusting your website developers, and ensuring a clear process for user testing. All of these principles are key and yet easily forgotten. Read this to learn why they matter.
We love open source software, and all the solutions we create for our clients are based on open source applications. Here Crispin explains what it is, what it's advantages are, and looks at what some other charities are saying about it.  
George gives five steps for how to go about ensuring your website design process has your users at its heart.
Sourcing professional photography for your website can be a daunting and challenging task, especially on a budget. Here are Owen's top seven tips on how to go about it, from searching right through to the final edit. 
Three ways for charities to make the most of mobile in the coming year, to see an increased supporter base and more online donations.
While the bulk of our work is developing main charity websites, over this past year we’ve also designed and built several microsites. These are separate self-contained websites often used to feature campaigns or stories that would otherwise get lost amongst the other content in a standard website.
At this time of year, with campaigns and festive goodwill in abundance it's more important than ever that your landing pages are as good as they can be. Here's our list of core principles on how to design a good landing page, much of which you will be able to implement without a designer or web agency.  
What is Drupal and what can it do? Here our Senior Drupal Developer Alastair looks at these questions as well as why it's a great option for charities.